Aquincum Museum - Castle Museum - Kiscell Museum - Municipal Gallery
Brand Identity Design 

In the spring of 2021, it became possible to design the logo of the Budapest History Museum as an umbrella organization, as well as its 3 member institutions and fine art collections, and to create the elements of its identity in a unified formal language. Anyone could take part in the open competition, and as a graphic designer and historic museologist, it was exceptionally enjoyable for me personally to carry out my concepts after delving into the history and future of the Museum.
When designing the logo(s), I had two important ideas and goals: 
1.) To create unique and characteristic logos that reflects the values represented by the Museum and that make the locations easily identifiable. 
2.) Express the togetherness of the Museum and its member institutions in an elegant and usable way, while preserving the uniqueness of the member institutions. The characteristic shape taken from some parts of the Museum building and the coat of arms of Budapest provided an excellent basis for this.
In my opinion, the (coat of arms) shield is a character and well-used form and logo element. The new symbol has been designed from this basic form. This visual sign of the logo refers to the 5 buildings on the one hand and on the other hand it can be varied so that each institution can be easily identified individually.
The logo has 4 basic versions:
Lined version
• vertical / centered,
• horizontal / left aligned.
Filled version
• portrait / centered,
• landscape / left aligned.
The logo-paired font and the line thickness of the symbol and its rounded ending are completely aligned so that these two elements form a complete unit.
color palette
Aquincum Museum - Castle Museum - Kiscell Museum - Municipal Gallery
 2021 / 2022
brand identity design 
Attila Kántor (Suppro Design Studio)

Mária Sali, Linda Bartók (BTM)

Brigitta Kovács

Péter Rinkács